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Who am I?

Oh my goodness! Please, let me know if you find out!

Hello there


I was born and grew up in South Africa. In my adult years, I have lived both in the UK and in Africa. I am now based in London and I work from a home studio.


I studied landscape architecture and I have worked in the field for many years. However, my training also opened up routes in public art and later on in life I felt the need to explore my creativity further though drawing and painting. I am addicted to the creative life and I find it immensely therapeutic to communicate and make sense of my life journey through artistic expression. If I am happy, I make art and if I am sad I also make art. Occasionally, I also write comedy in English and in my mother tongue Afrikaans.

An answer to the question "Why?" 


In spite of the occasional deep pondering, I am a light-hearted person and this comes out in the product I create.  My creativity is non-stop and my method is simple - I observe, I process and I create as I see it. I sometimes feel perplexed by the urge to continuously create. I feel very fortunate to have the ability to design and create across many disciplines.


I am someone who gets over-enthusiastic about life, people, biodiversity, plants and animals. In fact, I have too many interests to count and generally really enjoy being alive. I draw from all of the facets of my life to make sense out of the human experience. 


I am intensely aware of the goings-on of my own mind and I am very interested in how others experience life. Art makes it possible for me to connect with people by looking for, capturing and sharing some of the emotional and spiritual realisations that we all experience as we journey through our lives. However, I feel a work of art doesn't have to be lofty, academic or 'statementy' (this is a made-up word!) to have value - making art can just be about sharing something simple like sharing the beauty we find in people and everyday life.


It is easy to forget how powerful and empowering creativity is if you do it for a living. In future, I would love to become more involved in teaching and sharing my knowledge as I have found that it is so empowering for a person to discover that they can actually create something tangible from what originated as a simple, little idea. I hope to host summer holiday workshops in beautiful wild places. Hopefully, my desire to build into the lives of others by helping them to find their creative voice and capacity will bear fruit in the future!


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to collaborate with me or if you would like to buy or commission an art piece.


I hope you enjoy my portfolio.


Happy clicking


Lee-Anne van Wyk