Illustrating people and   African fashion for a business park

DESCRIPTION: I created artwork for a footpath that was developed in a large business park to service employees relying on public transport to get to work. The new footpath connects the main entrance on a busy provincial road with the nodus of office blocks.


The theme of this art project is a celebration of the diversity and vibrant nature of African fashion design and people. African people take great pride in dressing well and the sense of style is usually flamboyant, bold and colourful. This informed my concept and detailed illustrations were developed along these lines. I developed and illustrated African patterns as found in African textiles, craft decoration and architecture. Portraits of employees were also done to reflect the diversity of the people that will use the footpath. Fashion accessories with an African flavour and some innovatively designed objects were also illustrated. The illustrations were done in ceramic and then cast into concrete to form paving blocks that were inserted into the paved surface of the path.

SCOPE: Research, Design, Illustration, Production of illustrations in clay, Casting of artwork into concrete to create pavers.