Mosaic-ceramic collages

Designs based on indigenous plants and animals:

DESCRIPTION: These art pieces were produced for private clients. I love to design pieces focusing on native fauna and flora. The design process consists of doing research on species and then pulling all of this information together to create a design. 


The designs shown here were for garden furniture and wall panels. The garden furniture was cast in concrete and custom designed by me. This type of mosaic consists out of factory-made tiles that are cut to shape by hand and the production of 3D-ceramic pieces designed and made by me. The mosaic pieces add an extra dimension to the work and achieve effects that cannot be achieved by tiles only.



SCOPE: Research of species, Illustration and design, Custom furniture and hanging systems, Ceramic production, Production of mosaic pieces made to measurement (studio based),  Installation on site.

Custom furniture with native fauna,  flora and poetry

Wall panel illustrating fauna and flora of temperate forest.

Other mosaic-ceramic collages