Illustrating indigenous plants and animals for  a public park

DESCRIPTION: This project involved the identification and illustration of fauna and flora species that are endemic and exist or have historically existed in the Strandveld Fynbos vegetation type on the Cape Flats Area of South Africa. This vegetation type is endangered and forms part of the larger unique vegetation of the Fynbos Biome of Southern Africa. 


I worked with a small team of three artists and crafters. We illustrated the species at 1:1 scale,  then converted these sketches to species accurate mosaic artwork and finally we installed the work on site.


SCOPE: Research, Design, Illustration, Mosaic production, Installation on site.

DESCRIPTION: Following the successful completion of the above mosaics, further illustrations were required for the park. These species were illustrated in ceramic and cast into concrete to create pavers or art blocks as I termed them. These units were placed in an area of pebble paving and they are resistant to foot traffic.


SCOPE: Research, Design, Illustration, Production of illustrations in clay, Casting of artwork into concrete.